What We Don’t Want Goes Without Saying

Om fout te vind is nie so sleg nie.
Want om niks te sien wat fout is nie
Is meer as pateties, dit is hartseer
En verskriklik.

Maar net soos fout vind nie die ergste simpelste ding is om te doen nie
Net so, is dit ook nie die slimste en beste ding om te doen nie.

I like the expression: “it goes without saying” and although what goes without saying normally needs to be said, it is also good to sometimes not say the obvious.

I opened my laptop this morning activated by an expectancy of patriotism. I opened my laptop to discover and create an articulation of hope. I have a desire to dispel the paralysis of fear and hopelessness that slaps my face every waking hour of my life; and at times my sleeping hours.

South Africa – Africa.

It takes only two drinks to transform most wage earning South Africans into critics of government, the president, the opposition, the economy, infrastructure, budgets, tax, corruption and crime. The list sparks a general afro-pessimism and very soon normally nice folk become negative, uninspiring and depressing. Personally I don’t even need the drink. My idealism is so strong that the deterministic symbolism of small things like littering, potholes or beggars upset me deeply on a daily level. I’m a prime candidate for complaining, feeling depressed and giving up. My natural disposition is one that analyse and draw conclusions from the observable. Mzansi provides plenty, especially in the media to feel angry, scared and depressed about.

All the above goes without saying. Bar the millions of uneducated super-poor trapped in racist narratives and images and the diamonds that is suited by denialism, it is pretty obvious that there is much to complain about.

So, let’s not complain. Every single person can complain and some do it in more sophisticated ways than others, but complaining is common in both senses of the word.

What is scarcer and more admirable than complaining is the ability to envision a certain future. This forward-looking approach is rare and most people do not have a picture of what they want to see, nor of how to make that happen. Very few, on top of that, have any idea of what contribution they should make.

What is obviously nobler is to rephrase questions and conversations and explore ideal visions, next steps and possible contributions. Looking forward, seeing and talking about a future we want to create. Without the vision it will definitely not be reached, if we can’t describe it, how will we make it happen?

Do you have a picture for South Africa? Do you have a picture of your contribution? Have you explored exactly what you want?

Very often, on numerous levels people do not know how to answer this question:

What do you want?

Not what don’t you want. That goes without saying.

What do you want?