Learn, Un-learn, Repeat

When we are small we learn at a heck of a pace.

Then we start learning less.

Then we start learning useless things.

Then we start learning the wrong things.

Feeling clever, consolidating our knowing makes us feel safe.

Learning implies the acceptance of not knowing.

Not knowing makes us feel unsafe.

To learn, we need to unlearn.

Its so hard that we need tricks, starting small.

As an adult some of my interesting and humbling learnings include:

Playing football, speaking Portuguese, welding, shaving with a cut throat, playing golf…

I should find more: learning Zulu, understanding my camera, handy-man and carpentry, formal studies, keeping rhythm.

To remain a learner is hard, but we can make it fun.

Finding the habit of listening, looking and learning in small things, sets us up to be able to grow and change when it comes to fundamentals.