Next Step

“Wisdom is knowing what to do next, skill is knowing how to do it, and virtue is doing it.”
– David Starr Jordan

Everyone wants a fancy car, a big house, a happy life. All around me I see young people with a certain kind of ambition, it is an ambition likened to a dream, an ambition to be at the top of the ladder. Yet, I see very few people with a driven ambition to take the next step with complete dedication, integrity and discipline, I see few who are willing to sacrifice, sometimes step down or to wait patiently on the ladder. Sometimes, there is no ladder and you have to build the ladder yourself! Some ladders have many small steps, some ladders require a giant leap through the air before you can find the safety of the next rung.


Yesterday, I used an interesting way of reflecting on this issue of ‘taking the next step’. I sat for two hours designing a logo for a company, imagining the name to be Next Step. As I scribbled I had the calmness and time to reflect on the general issue and personal application.

One thought on “Next Step”

  1. After changing Next Step to nextep and making the logo, I googled it and saw that hundreds of people already made the jump before me and there are many products and organisations with the name! I feel so silly 🙂 Still, was fun and concept continues to inspire me.

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