Small Europe on Southern tip of Africa

I’m happy to have spent some time in Barcelona and London recently. You cannot really know your own country if you don’t know other countries. You cannot critique Europeans if you have never visited their places.

In many small things our country (Mzansi) is still a baby, perhaps a teenager. In many basics we have not learnt to work together; that a small bit of respect and restraint can pay back for everyone. Two simple examples: littering and driving. We do not yet believe that the country is ours. If we did we would treat it and it’s people better, we would not be so short-term minded and selfish. We are not yet building as a society, the majority of us are in a selfish hustle and struggle to survive and enrich ourselves. Our systems and processes are still weak. People say we have had 18 years of democracy and that things should have changed, but 18 years is nothing. A city like Barcelona or London took a long, long time to get where it is today and still they have problems.

Let the good and smart among us sacrifice, lead and invest; so maybe after 100 years we have a good country.

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