Little Brats

The scene is a familiar one; a kid shows up with a cricket bat or soccer ball, soon the backyard is turned into a grand stadium where kids become heroes. The inevitable dispute arise, the kid who brought the toy gets angry and with a “fine, then Im leaving” takes his stuff and goes home. Whether he was the best or smartest or had merit did not matter. It was his stuff and if the other kids didn’t want to play by his rules, they couldn’t play with his toys.

The other kids will either stand firm and play alternative games without the toy, or they will learn to tolerate the little proprietor. This scene repeats itself in neighbourhoods all over the world amongst little kids.

And this scenario repeats itself all over the developing world between donors and those assumed to be underdeveloped.
Those with money makes the rules. Its simple and universal. But it is wrong. If you don’t know why it is wrong then you are lucky, you are lucky because upon reading this, it is the moment that you get to be informed that you know nothing of development. And if you know nothing of development and you are reading this blog or talk about the so called poor, you are wasting your time.

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