Input – Output

As I walk and drive around our country I encounter some people who inspire me and some that makes me shake my head. The latter is mostly seeing folks who try so hard to be cool and okay that they end up looking and sounding ridiculous. This made me realise the following:

The most important thing in your life is what you choose to read and who you choose to listen and speak to. I don’t even mention television and music, because those are just reflections of where you’re at in terms of input. Input equals output, that means garbage in, garbage out. The most important choices we can make and where we need to try and be better, is the choices about what (hopefully not if) we read and who we engage in conversation.

Surely 70% of the country is born into situations where there are low quality input all around, yet today each individual can look for better input. Yet, many people are either unaware of this (unconscious) or just too lazy to choose. Do we teach our kids, brothers and sisters how to look for better quality input? Poverty is not about money, its about exposure. If we constantly make better small choices into the right direction, we can change ourselves and change our future. This process is a journey and not a stroke of luck. We should stop dreaming about the Lotto or Tenders and start to focus on our abilities. Our abilities can only improve through better inputs.

What you read and who you listen to will determine if you grow smart and wise or whether you become a noisy bag of over-confidence.

The choice is ours. The choice is yours.

Image or substance…

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