Getting a Handle on Development

In 2006 I donated my red Toyota Stallion to GDM in Mozambique. It has been amazingly resilient and is still going. Being a communal possession, serving the community and working very hard, it has been steadily gaining bumps and bruises. For about two yours the canopy door lever has been broken and it has pained me to see people struggling to open the doors every time by having to press a stuborn lever below the body with a small stone or something sharp.

This time, when I arrived in Manica I was overwhelmed with joy to see a door handle on the canopy doors of the Red bakkie. The fact that it is a real door handle, as in front door of house door handle, makes it even better. They say ‘a boer maak ‘n plan’ but the also say ‘a boy maak twee!’…

Someone who knows nothing and has no contextual insight might criticise the type of handle, but I think it was a brilliant solution to an irritating problem. We can look at the same thing and see something different.

Gotta love Manica and its people…


2 thoughts on “Getting a Handle on Development”

  1. Wow!!! I remember struggling with that handle – once was stuck in the back with Senhor Schigalki’s Bicycle :-). Aai this takes me back to kids tumbling out of those doors in Gorongoza – when Zambito, Allilo, Louis, Semango were but a few bricks high!!! Good job on upgrading these doors, they have opened to many an opportunity! Even the ‘wildmonkeyfiredance’ hiehiehie!!!

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