I think it was my friend Tom who questioned our common usage of the term “dead line”. At first I thought it’s an insignificant play of words, but the more I think about it the more I realise this is another symptomatic usage of language that responds to and creates real life. The idea of a dead line is that if you do not deliver on the day, you will die. Obviously 99.99% of deadlines not met will never result in actual death.

Where it becomes a deadline, is not if you fail to deliver, but if you try to deliver! By taking on the pressure and arranging your life as a series of efforts to meet deadlines, you are actually sapping the life out of your existence and the negative emotion, stress and fear makes the deadline chasing a long line of sub-quality life (death) striving to deliver things to people who use you. Even a legitimate target becomes skewed and perverted when marketed or seen as a deadline. So, whenever you hear yourself or someone else speak of a deadline, know that they are already dancing with death.

So, turning our deadlines into lifelines, imply changing the way we look at dates of delivery. Become free. Do your best and know that the consequences will be part of the rhythms and seasons of life. The ups and downs both contain beauty. Never be trapped in a cycle where you live for milestones, be it exams, promotions, awards, jobs, bonuses, or whatever. All we have is the journey, the road we walk every day, the way we think and feel every day. Sure, there are exceptional times when we put in a bit extra to ensure timely success. But if the exception becomes the rule, when the ‘season’ becomes a lifestyle, be warned that your deadlines have spread their death much wider that the expected day of delivery.

So, make your deadline your lifeline and experiment with ultimatums to discover more about others and yourself; your courage, your beauty, your emotions and your friends.

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