Dualisms, dichotomies, binaries: good vs evil, light vs dark, black vs white, right vs wrong- always two opposing sides, simplistic opposites to force us into illusions of choice and control.

I like a compass for the simple reason that unlike a ruler, hour glass or coin, it has more than two alternative movements. The four options and directions of a compass, the 360 degrees, at least start to deal with the multi-dimensional choices and nuances we face in life.

As I grow older I discover the naive contradictions in the mechanisms I employ as compass in my life. Then, sometimes, free of direction I miss ideas of true north. Can I search for true north and journey strong without a tool, without a tangible thing? A place, a group, a person, a paper, a number, a word, a book- who am I stripped of all these things?

Am I ok? Am I happy?

Who am I?

Am I?

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