On Being Heroic

What gives meaning to life? This question assumes a supremacy over the question of how we can make life less scary. Two questions.

The former seeks life and fulfillment, the latter seeks safety and prediction.

Am I simplistic in saying our fear and doubt of self pushes us to this second rhythm of security and prevents a vibrancy of unpredictability.
To experience the fulness of human emotion, character, resolve and joy; we need to remain open and vulnerable. If we build walls around us with money, houses, jobs, degrees and orthodoxy we feel safe and successful, but we prevent streams of life to enter our being. That is why every person you meet is so fucking uninspiring.
They will make you feel like a fool for being naive, they will claim that your idealism is inferior to their investments and self obsessed drive for vanity, they will not just defend their skepticism, they will ridicule your belief in the good and better life.

There is only one way to live and that is as a hero.
Forget about leadership- leadership is an euphemism for vanity wrapped in moderation and position.
We need to look around and start fighting for what is right and missing.
Stressing about what is present and wrong can feel masochistically rewarding, but it wont give you life.
Imagine… Imagine how things can and should be, pursue that at whatever cost and you will find that it costs nothing at all.

What are the issues of the day? What gets you going, gets you angry, gets you sad? What situation requires your heroic intervention? Think small… not couch small, but listening, serving and learning small.

80 years to be a hero… What does that even mean? Where to start?

Changing your mind about some things…that might be heroic.

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