The Real Me

Look at me?

I am not the thing that you see.

I live inside.

My outside naturally says much about my inside, but it is not the same thing.

The outside is easy: I train and eat well and you can see the effect.

The inside is tricky: I train and live well, but the real me stays hidden.

It is precisely this hidden nature of the inner life that makes it easy to fake things

It is also the thing that reveals our true nature.

Compare the cost of what people pay for gym membership vs church tithing.
Compare the expenses on personal trainers vs life coaches.
Compare the money used to buy make-up and jewellery vs books.
Compare the investment in clothes and shoes vs materials that could make you grow.
Compare fancy holidays with spiritual retreats.

Our lives reveal our priorities, beliefs and character.
Our budgets and calendars affirms our values.

People are empty, confused, lost and stupid.

And they like it that way…

It’s like a fat man never running, eating an ice-cream and drinking beer…

Only on the inside we are all the fat lazy guy who talks a good game, but are too useless to take action.

What am I investing in my inner life?

In terms of cash, discomfort and time?

Compare that with what I am investing in my external life…


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