Existential Framing as Tool for Self-preservation

All things considered and some experienced, I find the meaning of my life in the recognition, experience and creation of beauty. This flirtation with glimpses of beauty can be sporadic and brief or pragmatic and enduring. Sometimes we observe beauty by dumb luck and other times reform and grow beauty through dedication and intelligent intricacies. The more ugly, evil or sad our surroundings become, the more vivid and meaningful our vocation as beauty-celebrators becomes.

I won’t be surprised nor deflated by stupidity and tragedy; in fact I expect to witness it every day I arise, every time I get in my car or encounter other humans. Yet, I will keep my inspiration-radar switched on, or perhaps on stand-by, so that I am ready to detect unexpected humanity and courage when it reveals itself. Does this stance make me a skeptic or an idealist?


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