Capitalism and Survival of the Fittest

Unrestrained capitalism can never be sustainable. The reason being the Darwinian notion of ‘survival of the fittest’. Capitalism today, redefines strength and the strongest is the smartest. So if you are smart enough you can make more money and use others in order to maximise your profit, logically minimising their wealth. For each person getting rich, there has to be other getting or remaining poor. Nobody can argue that. Capitalists think their system is so fair and natural, correct and just. Supply and demand, inputs and outputs. As long as you are the smartest you can build up wealth and use that to control others. The smartest will survive implies the strongest will survive (or flourish).

Unchecked capitalism will always create a huge discrepancy between rich and poor because some people are smarter (stronger) that others. Problem is, the poor will get fed up. French Revolution, ISIS, Bin Laden, EFF, Zim veterans, Mozambicans chasing the Portuguese, etc. At some stage the strongest as clever will make way for simply the strongest, be it in numbers or with guns and spears. We think we are smart when we get rich, we ignore the poor and call it capitalist justice. But if you use survival of the strongest to defend your money making, remember that others will also find their strength. Like you, they will not base their actions on morality or humanity, but greed and self-preservation.

The market is not king. Human beings are all equal, and if they don’t live equal and in solidarity, they will flip the coin at some stage, fair, civil or not. So today, China is recolonising Zimbabwe with money. They are being invited in, accepted, they enter without force. But as they take riches the poor will start resenting, forget that their leaders accepted the Chinese and the Chinese will be kicked out; with or without blood.

That is our morning dose of capitalist reality this fine African morning.

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