Ag Shame

This website is for me and a few of my white friends who wants to journey towards growth, love and justice.

Today I wrote a blog for my black friends. I wrote everything I think, but am not allowed to say. We mos said enough. It is our time to be quiet.

So I wont publish the blog. Because whiteness disqualifies us from having legitimate or relevant opinions on black people. Mostly because our sincerity is doubted and also because it feels bad to have the oppressor (which is really not the oppressor any more) say stuff that makes sense. It reminds of power and disempowerment.

So, because I have many black friends I care about, I will at least mention that I woke up this morning and wrote a blog for black people. The first one since I started this site.

But, I wont share it. A little bit out of being spiteful and a little bit because we all have to reach our destination at our own time.

Many people allowed me space and freedom to develop in my own way and at my own rate. So I will afford others the same.

Long live Biko, long live.

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