The Insincerity of Sincerity

There is no such thing as sincerity. What many might call sincerity is really unfettered self-obsession where you act in total isolation from- and denial of- another person’s reality. The myth of sincerity assumes a pure expression of self-good, the goodness of self. Such self-good divorced from otherness is both illusionary and ingenious. The positive side of ubuntu can be an ideal, held up as motivational beacon, but ubuntu is also a cold fact, a reality which nobody can escape.

There is no such thing as sincerity. Every word and action is negotiated, assumed and anticipated. Not being aware of the process and not knowing how to reflect on it, does not mitigate the cunningness of human to human negotiations. We reflect, using our eyes and mouths as mirrors, projecting and receiving ideas as we spin webs of communication and identity. Sincerity assumes a static core apart from negotiated social contracts and it ignores the built in sneakiness of every human being. Our sincerity construct is in that sense the most insincere thing we ever came up with.

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