My word for the new year is PRAGMATIC, or pragmatism.

In Afrikaans it is also simply called ‘pragmaties’. Pragmatic has a preference for the practical, as opposed to the theoretical or emotional. In short it asks: “What works?”

So where 2016 saw my clinging on to a value-based philosophical approach against the onslaught of nihilistic pessimism, 2017 will see me save my energy for practical and efficient actions in response to opportunities and challenges. I will try my best to act with discipline and wisdom.

I will try to be realistic in my actions to achieve certain goals. Less idealism and more ‘make the most’.  I won’t care as much what I like or what I don’t like, I will simply try to get the most out of each situation.

One thing I need to do more is plan. I need to list my priorities and allocate time to the things that will have the most actual impact or effect in terms of intended outcomes. I need to be strategic with my time management. That includes being aware of why I do what.

Less emotion, more abandonment: I will try to simply do what is needed and be outcome-based.

What will I have to show for 2017?

Vamos ver.

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