Damned if you dont DAMNED IF YOU DO

Observer: Bloody agent, you messed up sitting in all your privilege, too stingy to share

Bloody Agent: [starts sharing]

More Woke Observer: Who are you kidding, it is easy to give away things, you anyway had it due to oppression. Giving money outside of relationship is fake, insincere and patronising; you are too racist to mingle.

Bloody Agent: [integrates life, builds new relationships, moves from just giving to reconciled lifestyle]

Triple Woke Observer: Ah, you think you are a white messiah, should they be lucky to have you?! This is insulting, we dont need you or your arrogance to think you can fix what you broke.

Bloody Agent: [moves back into homogenous laager minding own business]

  • Go back to step one… on repeat… ad infinitum
  • Alternative Observer enters: ok fine, they are wrong, do it, but don’t share it. That one is fine, but don’t encourage others to do likewise. It’s not good it’s just fine. Fine things can be tolerated, if it was truly good, we’d have to share and encourage others, but we don’t want that, so it is just fine.

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