Ons verafsku die voorspelbare wrangsmaak wat byderwetse slagspreuke en gesegdes binne ons kweek.

My greatest insult is my silence. I sling it around at hundred people a day, they know it not and that makes me smile. If you see that smile on my face, you can know it is accompanied by a word in my head, which is: “predictable”.

What makes ‘development’ work professional is the ability to do it in a way that does not look professional. The aims and methods are not unprofessional, it is beyond professional, in the same way that raising a child or loving a spouse is higher than implementation of methods, predictions and controls.

Are you sure you want to get into this? Because what you see as conversational candy might turn out to be existential constipation.

We need to see development as a family, not a factory.

Oor trou, kinders en geld:
Jy weet wat ek mis, maar jy weet nie wat jy mis nie. Ons mis ewe veel- per implikasie.

Ek is te jonk en idealisties om in middeljarige mans se egobaddens rond te plas.

In hierdie tyd gaan jy deur jou besluite ‘n merk op jou hart tatoeër wat jou hele lewe daar gaan bly.

Love your neighbour as yourself should read: learn to love, accept and respect yourself fully and then do the same to every single person you meet. #worldproblemssolved

The more I listen to people, the more I feel the desire to keep quiet and never speak again.

You are your own punishment; being you is already the sad reward you get for making stupid choices.

I fall in love with someone’s ability to love.

There is a scenario where ‘prepared’ is used as a synonym (or euphemism) for optimistic and a synonym for horny! The scenario, is the purchasing and putting in the wallet – of a condom.

Before you tell me about your ideal match or romantic expectations, first tell me about your childhood and family issues, tell me about what you want to see in yourself, how you measure success and acquire happiness in and of yourself. Thereafter, the pressure wont be unfairly flung on a partner expected to give, fix and excite; you will surprisingly be able to love, not as if looking in a mirror but as if seeing through a clear window.

Don’t tell me to do anything in any way with poor African kids, that you don’t do with your own kids!

Don’t go to a poor area and ‘help’ if you are not willing to invite the very same ‘poor’ into your own house, to eat with you, chill on the couch, take a bath and sleep over. That I have found is the best test of the motives of the so called engaged rich.

The system of democratic capitalism not only ideally suited to charitable compassion but; indeed is reliant on such altruistic conviction and practice. With practice I mean actual doing and I mean repetitive engagement with the aim of improvement.

The distinction between giver and recipient is false, even ironic.

The mall has become the modern church, it is an incarnated Facebook, providing a false sense of connecting, but real-time relief from loneliness.

Its not just about what you see, but also about what sees you. Wat jy sien en wat jou sien. What and who.

Inevitably,we learn all the most important lessons too late.

Dit begin gewoonlik by
‘n borsie
en eindig gewonlik by
a borsie

The only thing that redeems the fragility and embarrassing weakness of old age is a life well lived and a graceful countenance. The sadness of a timid body makes way for the strength of a kind word and grateful mind.

There is a short distance between affection and disdain as there is a short distance from disdain to contempt. It therefore takes surprisingly little time or actions to turn from loving to hating.

Taking a picture can be great proof or it can capture a memory; and it can also spoil a moment and break trust.

Giving without going is part of the problem.

Curiosity killed the cat and saved the human.

100% of humans have something special and beautiful in them; 99% do not manage to construct and live inspiring lives. Personally I think there are four keys to a beautiful life: dignity, gratitude, respect and courage. There are many other things good and important, but these are the four I try to incorporate and these are the four I most seldom see.

If you gonna grab a man by the balls, you better hold on tight.

If you are smart enough you can convert all qualitative measures to quantitative ones; if you are dumb enough, you will.

Dating you is like seeing a lion on a trip to Kruger Park. Marrying you would be like getting out of my car and trying to give the lion a hug. The former is exciting the latter fatal.

The best university is to lift your ass and go plunge yourself into a different place, a different culture.

The two always seem linked: Either money makes assholes or assholes make money.

I’m after moments in development that leaves us speechless: beyond numbers and without words.

Folks in general don’t want feedback, they want feelback.

Daar is baie visse in die see, and also there is muitas coisas que chera como peixe.

Being brave means facing my fear… literally not hiding from that which makes me scared, but moving closer to it: be it love, race, poverty, failure or feelings.

The only way to deal with pain, hurt, death and evil- Is to fully know and make joy, love, beauty and good. Then, whatever happens we make light prevail.

The romantic feeling of being in love is a disease, a psychotic defect of a lost soul confused about the demands of ego and fear. A woman cannot and should not give a man what he should find in character, adventure, calling and connecting.

…money is an interesting topic. those who are smart in applications can have it even though doing little practically… SC in email on 14 Oct 2012

In Development one of the first things we need to teach our African brothers and sisters, is to say NO to charity and gifts. That can be the biggest gift of all.

Of all fears, the fear of not being seen is most terrifying of all.

Empty words equals an empty heart. Fact.

You don’t walk away from something you don’t intend to lose. Being brave is not just about going, but also about staying; being there and engaging.

If you go into a situation with the aim of learning you will also enjoy. If you go in with the aim to enjoy will probably neither enjoy nor learn.

Am I a natural optimist? Perhaps not, because every day I get depressed, negative and sad about so many things. Then again, maybe this very disappointment proves my optimist expectations.

Don’t choose a job, choose a boss.

Meer kos, kos meer.

“Do I want you as my friend?” Through this lense I evaluate every word spoken from every mouth; and if the answer is ‘no’ I also dont care for your cleverness, prophecy or advice.

In fencing; the obvious threat is that in keeping negatives out, one might also keep your own positives in.

Many things that goes without saying, probably needs to be said

People show confidence and all I see is the ‘con’ of confidence.

If, under stress from work-
you don’t have to be pleasant
then, surely I don’t have to be present!

Daar is party dinge wat ek nie wil leer nie.

Why do we feel so alive when we are close to death?

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