Dirty Hands

Where does my hands get dirty? where does my heart get dirty and broken? Where do I learn, where do I fail, fake, struggle, dream and where do my dreams get shattered? Here are the links to the two groupings (projects, programs, friends) I am involved with:

Grupo Desportivo de Manica

I lived in Mozambique, in the town of Manica for about six years. I’e made friends and tried things in Manica since 1997. I went to become, tried to teach, ended up

learning. GDM is a sport club that does development and you can read about them on their website or facebook page.


Roelf Meyer founded the Foundation for a Safe South Africa and asked me to start Youthzones, an initiative that tries to make South Africa safe by providing better

opportunities to young people. Youthzones focus on sport, computers and life-skills as well as other fun stuff and inspiring people.

– You?

If you want to become involved and engaged, I have a booklet called Kuthatha isiKhathi. It is a very good way to better the odds of helping without harm. Doc and I facilitate the booklet in 3 hour sessions. Comment if you are interested.

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